Hey there!

My name is comfix (aka Marcel, if you know me in real life :3) and I am currently in my 20s. I am woraking as a Sysadmin (in German the profession is called "Fachinformatiker für Systemintegration").

As my chosen profession already implies, I am a geek who has high interests in Linux as well as networking stuff. I love to fiddle around with those things and break them in one way or another :P

This small website was on procrastination quite a while now, aaaaand I finally made up my mind of what it should look like and what it ended up being you can see just here with your very eyes. Btw if you manage to find a grammar or structural mistake - you can keep it :3

My is Arch Linux

I use Arch Linux as my daily driver, because I love the way how "simple" it is. I hopped over many distros, as many others before me probably. As a newbie to Linux I started out with Ubuntu. - The ONE Linux distro. - And then... the journey just started. I hopped over to MATE and from there I switched to Mint. Out of all the frustration because there was always a thing that made me nuts, I switched one last time. And there it was. My muse - Arch Linux.

About my life

As I mentioned before I am very nerdy in terms of Linux. I got all that knowledge myself and through my decision to rent a server in a computing centre I had to learn how to setup and manage these. Currently this knowledsge is helping me quite a bit in regards to my traineeship. Most of my free time is spent in front of my pc writing code, or just "sysadmining" (a term we came up in a Mumble session with my friends which describes the process of manage servers and experimenting with stuff).

Every now and then I am going to my local hacker space and together with some other nerds have some fun.

CCC & Congress

I am a member of the Chaos Computer Club and attending the Chaos Computer Congress since 2017. For those who dont know about the CCC in general or the Congress here's more info: The CCC is a community which does Cyber stuff. Yeah I know pretty dull but yeah. The Congress is held in Leipzig since 2017 and there always are a ton of presentations as well as workshops. I really encourage you to go to the Congress yourself.

How to reach me


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